Juventude Hospitaleira (JH) is a Portuguese ecclesial movement, nationwide, which brings together adolescents and young people, between 13 and 35 years old, known as Young Hospitallers.

He was born on January 1, 1988, of the Ordem Hospitaleira de S. João de Deus (OHSJD) and of the Congregação das Irmãs Hospitaleiras do Sagrado Coração de Jesus (IHSCJ), with young people whose experiences of helping, dedicating and serving others, had marked their lives.

At JH, young people learn human solidarity and enter an itinerary of evangelization and education in the Christian faith, so that they can be active members of the Church and build a more human, supportive and Christian world.

The program of activities consists of education in the faith and integral formation. The global theme, with the identifying slogan, chosen for each pastoral year summarizes the proposal that JH makes to young people. The choice follows the guidelines of the Church, the sensitivity of the young people and the hospitable spirituality. Each year a program is drawn up, part of which is inspired by the chosen theme.

The annual program includes a wide range of activities and experiences that require different levels of commitment: Summer Camp, Hospitable Weekend, Training Courses, Spiritual Retreat, Hospitable Carnival, Hospitable Easter, Hospitable Christmas, Hospitable Day, community experiences, missionary volunteering, among others.

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